Psychology and Economic development


Achievement motivation and economic development; Characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior; Motivating and training people for entrepreneurship and economic development; Consumer rights and consumer awareness, Government policies for promotion of entrepreneurship among youth including women entrepreneurs.

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Reference Study Material:

1. Achievement Motivation and Economic Development

  1. Expectancy-Value Theory of Achievement Motivation
  2. Understanding and Fostering Achievement Motivation
  3. Expectancy-Value Theory of Achievement Motivation: A Developmental Perspective
  4. Achievement Motivation and Values
  5. Achievement Motivation and Values: An Alternative Perspective
  6. Achievement Motivation: A Dual Modality
  7. Achievement Motivation: It May All Be About Self, After All
  8. Elliot’s 2×2 Model of Achievement Motivation
  9. A Survey of Gender-Related Motivation Studies
  10. Achieving Styles in Men and Women
  11. Girls, Achievement Motivation and the Glass Ceiling
  12. Sex Differences in Achievement Motivation of Iranian Boys and Girls
  13. Influence of Parents’ Education on Achievement Motivation of Adolescents
  14. The Influence of Parenting Styles and Achievement Motivation
  15. Effects of the Achievement Motivation on Nurturing Intellectual Giftedness
  16. Social Networks, Achievement Motivation and Corruption Theory and Evidence
  17. Who Gains from Achievement Motivation Training
  18. How to measure achievement motivation
  19. The Relationship of Achievement Motivation to Entrepreneurial Behavior
  20. The Economic Role of the Entrepreneur
  21. Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth
  22. Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

2. Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Behavior

  1. Entrepreneurial Characteristics based on MBTI, MIT
  2. Entrepreneurship and the Big Five Personality Traits
  3. Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective Entrepreneurial Employees, MIT
  4. 12 Essential Characteristics of Entrepreneurs
  5. Some Characteristics of Technical Entrepreneurs, MIT
  6. The Entrepreneur’s General Personality Traits and Technological Developments
  7. The Stages Of Entrepreneurship Personality Criteria
  8. Entrepreneurship – A person based theory approach
  9. The Personality and Motivations of Technological Entrepreneurs, MIT
  10. Developing Entrepreneurial Characteristics in Youth
  11. Work values and personality traits as predictors of enterprising and social vocational interests
  12. Personality and Attitudes of Indian Young Female Workforce, Entrepreneurial Orientation

3. Motivating and Training People for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

  1. Culture and Entrepreneurial Potential: A Nine Country Study of Locus of Control and Innovativeness
  2. Demographic Differences in Competition at Work
  3. Early Development of Entrepreneurial Qualities: the Role of Initial Education
  4. Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship in India, MIT
  5. Entrepreneurial Leadership
  6. Entrepreneurial motivation
  7. Why are entrepreneurs more risk-loving
  8. Two Types of Entrepreneurs: The Operator and the Visionary
  9. Entrepreneurs’ Perceptions of Success: Examining Differences across Gender and Family Status
  10. Entrepreneurship Theory Revisited: A Framework for Design of Entrepreneurial Strategies
  11. Male Pragmatism in Ethical Decision Making
  12. Managers, small business owners and entrepreneurs: The Cognitive Dimension
  13. Motivational Patterns for Modernization, UNESCO
  14. Person, Process, Choice: The Psychology of New Venture Creation
  15. Psychological approaches to entrepreneurial success
  16. Psychosocial Interventions for Community Development, Ajit K Dalal
  17. Reshaping Social Entrepreneurship, Stanford
  18. Seeing What’s Not There: The Enigma of Entrepreneurship
  19. Social_Entrepreneurship: A Modern Approach to Social Value Creation
  20. The Effect of Cultural Values on Economic Development
  21. The Nature of Social Entrepreneurship: Some Findings
  22. The Relationship of Individual, Venture and Environmental Factors to Success
  23. The Role of Culture on Entrepreneurship Development
  24. The Effect of Cultural Values on Economic Development

4. Consumer Rights and Consumer Awareness

  1. Consumer Movement in India
  2. Consumer Protection
  3. Consumer Protection and Competition Policy in India
  4. Consumer Protection and Sustainable Consumption in India
  5. Historical Evolution of Consumer Protection and Law in India
  6. National Consumer Rights Day
  7. Strengthening Consumer Protection in India

5. Government Policies for Promotion of Entrepreneurship among Youth including Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Evaluation of EDI Scheme – Govt. of India
  2. National Skill Development Initiative in India
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojna
  4. Scheme for Assistance to EDIs
  5. Training and Entrepreneurship Development in India
  6. Fostering entrepreneurship through university education and training MIT
  7. An Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development in Women Through EDP Trainings
  8. Developing Women’s Entrepreneurship And E-Business in Green Co-operatives
  9. Improving Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
  10. The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights – BLIHR

6. Female Entrepreneurs; (Additional Topic of Importance)

  1. Gender and motivation
  2. Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship
  3. Gender, Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Career Intentions
  4. Formal and Informal Discrimination against Women at Work, Harvard
  5. A Reflection of the Indian Women in Entrepreneurial World, IIMA
  6. Do Women Entrepreneurs Require Different Training
  7. Female Entrepreneurs: Are They Really any Different
  8. Female Entrepreneurs: How Far Have They Come
  9. Female Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies
  10. Female Leadership – Constructing a Framework for Women’s Entrepreneurship
  11. Indigenous female entrepreneurship, South Africa
  12. Influencing factors on entrepreneurial skills of rural women in Ilam City, Iran
  13. Women  entrepreneurs – Accessing market opportunities
  14. Women and Early Stage Entrepreneurship, MIT Paper
  15. Women entrepreneurs, Gary L. Cohen
  16. Women Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital: Managing the Shadow Negotiation
  17. Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Economy
  18. Women Entrepreneurs Moving Front and Center, Harvard
  19. Women Entrepreneurship, A Nordic Perspective
  20. Women Entrepreneurship, Issues and Policies
  21. Women Entrepreneurship Style of Transformational Leadership and Performance Outcomes
  22. Women In Entrepreneurship, UN Report
  23. Women, Industry and Entrepreneurship, UNIDO



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