Application of psychology to environment and related fields


Environmental psychology-effects of noise, pollution and crowding; Population psychology: psychological consequences of population explosion and high population density; Motivating for small family norm; Impact of rapid scientific and technological growth on degradation of environment.

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Reference Study Material:

1. Environmental Psychology-effects of noise, pollution and crowding

  1. Environment and Health
  2. Environment and health, Karen Henwood
  3. Environment and Health in India, IIPS
  4. Environmental Attitudes, Thomas A. Heberlein
  5. Environmental Dimension of Children and Young People’s Well Being
  6. Environmental Factors and Urban Crime, Esmaeil Salehi, University of Tehran
  7. Environmental Meaning and Ecosystem Management: Psychological Perspective
  8. Environmental Psychology, University of California
  9. Four Topics for Environmental Psychology
  10. Environmental Psychology in Classroom Design for Improving Creative Problem Solving in Gifted Children
  11. Inadequate Housing and Health: An Overview
  12. Levels of Environmental Decisions
  13. Man-Environment Interaction
  14. Mental Life and the Metropolis in Suburban America
  15. The Social Psychology of Noise
  16. Ambient Temperature and Violent Crime, APA
  17. Chronic Noise Exposure and Physiological Response
  18. Community noise exposure and stress in children
  19. Crowding and Children’s Mental Health: The Role of House Type
  20. Neighborhoods and the Health of the Elderly
  21. Psychological Benefits of Public Gardens for Urban Residents
  22. Sense of Safety and the Urban Environment: A Study of Preadolescents and Adolescents
  23. The Moderating Effects of Vegetation on Human Violent Behavior caused by Environmental Stressors
  24. Vulnerability as a Function of Individual and Group Resources in Cumulative, Harvard

2. Impact of rapid scientific and technological growth on degradation of environment

  1. Cost of Environmental Degradation, World Bank
  2. Creating Incentives for Environmentally Enhancing Technological Change
  3. Do Global Attitudes and Behaviors Support Sustainable Development
  4. Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
  5. Economic Growth and the Development, Economic Survey of Europe
  6. Economic Growth and the Environment, CID, Harvard
  7. Environment & Environmental Regulatory Mechanism, Govt. of India
  8. Environment and Climate Change in India
  9. Environmental Degradation and Social Integration, UNRISD
  10. Environmental Effects of International Trade, Jeffrey Frankel, Harvard
  11. Environmental Effects of International Trade, Harvard
  12. Environmental Externalities, U. Sankar
  13. Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Development, Theodore Panayotou, Harvard
  14. Environmental Sustainability and Services in Developing Global City-Regions
  15. Globalization and Environment, CID, Harvard
  16. Human Footprints on the Global Environment: Threats to Sustainability, MIT Press
  17. National Environment Policy in India
  18. Sustainable Development, Environment and Poverty Nexus, Asian Development Bank
  19. Technical Change and Sustainable Development: Developing Country Perspective, Harvard
  20. The Environment and Directed Technical Change1, Harvard
  21. The Environment and Directed Technical Change, Harvard
  22. The Sustainable Growth Paradigm: Implications for Technology and Policy, Harvard & MIT

3. Population Psychology, Consequences of Population Explosion

  1. A Hysteria Against the Case: The Population-Environment Crisis
  2. Conceiving the Impact: Connecting Population Growth and Environmental Sustainability
  3. Connecting Population Growth and Environmental Sustainability, Harvard
  4. Does India’s Population Growth Has A Positive Effect on Economic Growth, Rohan Kothare
  5. Effect of the growing population on the Ganga basin, India
  6. Extreme natural hazards: population growth, globalization and environmental change
  7. Gender Inequalities and Demographic Behavior in India, Sonalde Desai
  8. How Changes in Population Demographics Will Impact Health Psychology, APA
  9. How many is too many: Population Explosion vs. Sustainable Development
  10. How the biggest demographic upheaval in history is affecting global development
  11. Human Population and the Environment
  12. Integration of Demographic Issues in Sustainable Development, India
  13. Population and Deforestation in Costa Rica
  14. Population and Development: An Introductory View, Geoffrey McNicoll
  15. Population and Environment, Theodore Panayotou, Harvard
  16. Population and Environmental Psychology Bulletin 1, APA
  17. Population and Environmental Psychology Bulletin 2, APA
  18. Population and Environmental Psychology Bulletin 3, APA
  19. Population and Environmental Psychology Bulletin 4, APA
  20. Population Growth and Development Relationships: A Critique
  21. Population Policy in India: An Overview
  22. Population Stabilization for the 11th Five Year Plan, Planning Commission
  23. The Human Dimensions of Pollution Policy Implementation
  24. The Population Explosion: Myths and Realities, Peter T. Bauer, Harvard
  25. Where in the World Is Population Growth Bad: Jeff Kling, MIT

4. Small Family Norms & Family Planning

  1. A Study of Male Attitude toward Family Planning in India, Saurabh B. Shah
  2. Muslim and Non-muslim Differentials in Fertility and Family Planning in India, Vinod Mishra
  3. Role of Religion in Fertility and Family Planning Among Muslims in India, Malika Mistry
  4. Understanding Religion and the Economics of Fertility in India, Sriya Iyer
  5. The Effect of Institutional Factors on Family Planning Use in MP, India
  6. Birth Planning Decisions
  7. Changing Family Planning Scenario in India: An Overview of Recent Evidence
  8. Involving Men in Reproductive Health in India
  9. New Perspectives in Population Policies and Programmes, Avabai B. Wadia
  10. New Population Policies: Advancing Women’s Health and Rights, by Lori S. Ashford
  11. Family Planning Policies, India
  12. Family Welfare in India
  13. Family Welfare Report, Govt. of India
  14. Family Planning Fact ,Sheets, India
  15. Social Exclusion in the Context of India’s National Family Planning Program, Oxfam India
  16. Strengthening Family Planning Policies and Programs in Developing Countries, USAID
  17. The Global Family Planning Revolution, World Bank


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