Media influences on pro and antisocial behavior

Click on the links below for downloading study material:

Reference Study Material:

  1. Pro-social Effects of Media
  2. Media Psychology: A Personal Essay in Definition and Purview
  3. Media Pedagogy & Mediatic Turn
  4. Media Violence and Children: Current Research
  5. Media Violence and Social Neuroscience
  6. Media Exposure, Aggression and Pro-social Behavior During Early Childhood
  7. Children’s Brain Activations While Viewing Televised Violence Revealed by fMRI
  8. Deception and Design The Impact of Communication Technology on Lying Behavior
  9. Does Playing Violent Video Games Induce Aggression: Evidence from fMRI Study
  10. Enjoyment of Mediated Fright and Violence: A Meta-Analysis
  11. Exposure to Violent Media: The Effects of Songs With Violent Lyrics
  12. Gender Stereotyping in Children’s Reports
  13. Media Exposure and Body Dissatisfaction
  14. Other Terrorisms, Psychology and Media
  15. Priming Effects of Media Violence on the Accessibility of Aggressive Constructs in Memory
  16. Psychology of Entertainment Media-Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion
  17. Psychology’s Quixotic Quest For the Media-Violence Connection, Stuart Fischoff
  18. Some Like It Bad: Testing a Model for Perceiving and Experiencing Fictional Characters
  19. Stereotypes of Music Fans: Are Rap and Heavy Metal Fans a Danger to Themselves or Others
  20. Tales from the Screen: Enduring Fright Reactions to Scary Media
  21. The Attractions of Violent Entertainment
  22. The Effects of Aggressive Pornographic Mass Media Stimuli
  23. The Influence of Media Violence on Youth
  24. The Psychological Appeal of Movie Monsters
  25. The Psychophysiology of Video Gaming: Phasic Emotional Responses to Game Events
  26. Violent Comic Books and Perceptions of Ambiguous Provocation Situations
  27. Violent Media Consumption and the Recognition of Dynamic Facial Expressions
  28. Violent Video Games Induce an Affect Processing Bias



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