Thinking and Problem Solving


Piaget’s theory of cognitive development; Concept formation processes; Information processing, Reasoning and problem solving, Facilitating and hindering factors in problem solving, Methods of problem solving: Creative thinking and fostering creativity; Factors influencing decision making and judgment; Recent trends.

Click on the links below to download study material:

Reference Study Material:

  1. Cohesion Through Diversity
  2. Creativity, Efficacy and Their Organizational, Cultural Influences
  3. Methodological Advancements of Cross-Cultural User-Centred Product Development
  4. Facilitating Dynamics of Focus Group Interviews in East Asia: Evidence and Tools by Cross-Cultural Study
  5. Half the Right People: Network Density and Creativity
  6. Individualism–Collectivism and Group Creativity
  7. A Meta-Analysis of 25 Years of Mood-Creativity Research: Hedonic Tone, Activation, or Regulatory Focus
  8. Nature Or Nurture: Can Psychometric Tools Help To Foster Creativity In Organizations?



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