Definition and concept of personality; Theories of personality (psychoanalytical, socio-cultural, interpersonal, developmental, humanistic, behavioristic, trait and type approaches); Measurement of personality (projective tests, pencil-paper test); The Indian approach to personality; Training for personality development; Latest approaches like big 5 factor theory; The notion of self in different traditions.

Click on the links below to download study material:

  1. Theories of Personality and Personality Testing
  2. Self-Concept, Self-Esteem and Identity: Roy F. Baumeister
  3. Self Revisited: Seymour Epstein –  University of Massachusetts
  4. Critical Analysis of an Original Writing on Social Learning Theory: Imitation of Film-Mediated Aggressive Models  By: Albert Bandura, Dorothea Ross and Sheila A. Ross (1963)

Indian Psyche:

  1. The Life of Hinduism: Edited by John Stratton and Vasudha Narayanan
  2. The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self under Colonialism – by ASHIS NANDY
  3. Representing Nationalism: Ideology of Motherhood in Colonial Bengal – by Jasodhara Bagchi
  4. ‘Real’ and ‘Imagined’ Women: A Feminist Reading of Rituparno Ghosh’s Films – by Alison Macdonald
  5. The Inner World: A Psychoanalytical Study Of Childhood And Society In India – by Sudhir Kakar
  6. Indian Identity: Intimate Relations, The Analyst And The Mystic, The Colours Of Violence – by Sudhir Kakar

Additional Reference Study Material:

  1. The Dialogical Self: Toward a Theory of Personal and Cultural Positioning – by Hubert J.M. Hermans, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
  2. The Interpersonal Paradigm
  3. Social Constructivism: In the context of International Relations
  4. B. F. Skinner’s Legacy to Human Infant Behavior and Development
  5. The Evolution of Behavior: B. F. Skinner, Harvard University
  6. Science and Human Behavior: B. F. Skinner
  7. The Scientific Legacy of Sigmund Freud, Harvard
  8. Who Believes in a Just World, Harvard
  9. Adler: Individual Psychology
  10. Cathexis Revisited: Corticolimbic Resonance and the Adaptive Control of Memory
  11. Freud and his Critics
  12. Freud before Oedipus: Race and Heredity in the Origins of Psychoanalysis
  13. From Oral to Written: An Anthropological Breakthrough in Storytelling
  14. A Critique of Understanding Human Nature and What Life Should Mean to You, by Alfred Adler
  15. Medieval Dreams: A Sample Of Historical and Psychoanalytical Criticism
  16. Oedipus Redivivus: Freud, Jung and Psychoanalysis
  17. The Use of Projective Tests in Non-Western Cultures


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