Motivation and Emotion


Psychological and physiological basis of motivation and emotion; Measurement of motivation and emotion; Effects of motivation and emotion on behavior; Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation; Factors influencing intrinsic motivation; Emotional competence and the related issues.

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Reference Study Material:

  1. Are Ethical Judgments Intrinsically Motivational? Lessons From “Acquired Sociopathy”
  2. Automaticity in Goal Pursuit
  3. From Cognitive Dissonance to the Motivational Functions of Emotions
  4. Wiping the Slate Clean: Psychological Consequences of Physical Cleansing
  5. The Intrapersonal Functions of Emotion
  6. The Many Meanings of Emotion: Definitions, Functions, Activation, and Regulation
  7. The Role of Suffering in Theories of Emotion
  8. Varieties and Functions of Human Emotion


2 thoughts on “Motivation and Emotion

  1. Dear Mr Shekhar,

    It is a great honour and pleasure to communicate with you. I belong to Pakistan. Your website provides very valuable information on emotions and other topics.

    Do you have a copy of “9. Motivation and Emotion” in ms word or editable format. I need it for notes with all respect to copy rights.

    Thank you

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