Encoding and remembering; Short term memory, Long term memory, Sensory memory, Iconic memory, Echoic memory: The Multistore model, levels of processing; Organization and Mnemonic techniques to improve memory; Theories of forgetting: decay, interference and retrieval failure: Metamemory; Amnesia: Anterograde and retrograde.

Click on the links below to download study material:

Reference Study Material:

  1. After the Archive: Remapping Memory
  2. Cognitive Correlates of Mnemonics Usage and Verbal Recall Memory in Old Age
  3. Effects of adult aging on utilization of temporal and semantic associations during free and serial recall
  4. A Daytime Nap Containing Solely Non-REM Sleep Enhances Declarative but not Procedural Memory
  5. Sleep Spindle-Related Activity in The Human EEG and its Relation to General Cognitive and Learning Abilities
  6. Final Task Selection: Long-Term Memory
  7. Long-term potentiation: What’s learning got to do with it?
  8. Real Memory Improvement: GMS Manual by V. Kozarenko
  9. Memory Improvement by Poornima Bedi
  10. Sleep, Memory, and Plasticity
  11. Study of the Brain Anatomy and Memory
  12. Tips for Improving Memory Techniques
  13. Toward an Integrative Theory of Sleep and Dreaming



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