Language and Communication


Human language – Properties, structure and linguistic hierarchy, Language acquisition- predisposition, critical period hypothesis; Theories of language development – Skinner and Chomsky; Process and types of communication – effective communication training.

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————-[ Interpersonal Communication and Personality Development ]————

Concept of Self:

  1. The Collective Self
  2. Exploring Cross-Cultural Differences in Self-Concept: A Meta-Analysis of the Self-Description Questionnaire
  3. Implicit Social Cognition: Attitudes, Self-Esteem, and Stereotypes
  4. Inequality in The Structure Of Cultural Meanings: Learning While “Black” and “Latino”
  5. Racial and Ethnic Identity and Development
  6. Self Concept, Self-Esteem and Identity
  7. The Self-Concept Revisited Or a Theory of a Theory
  8. Self-Concept Theory, Research and Practice: Advances for the New Millennium

Moral Development

  1. Moral Development and Moral Responsibility
  2. Moral Development in Culture: Diversity, Tolerance, and Justice
  3. Criticism on moral development theories of Piaget, Kohlberg, and Bandura and providing a new model for research in Iranian students’ moral development

Psycho-social Aspects of Interpersonal Communication:

  1. Cognitive Interdependence in Close Relationships
  2. The Conceptualization and Expression of Intimacy in Japan and the United States
  3. Cultural “Faces” of Interpersonal Communication in the U.S. and China
  4. Cultural Diversity of Interpersonal Communication Competence: A Study of Puerto Rican Managers
  5. Inferring Relevant Social Networks from Interpersonal Communication
  6. Intercultural Communication, Sloan MIT
  7. Intervening Psycho-Social Variables In Interpersonal Communication
  8. Racial Prejudice is Contagious
  9. Social and Cognitive Approaches to Interpersonal Communication: Introduction and Overview
  10. Social Perspective Taking
  11. Social Psychological Models Of Interpersonal Communication
  12. Transformed Social Interaction In Mediated Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

  1. An Animal Model of The Interpersonal Communication of Interoceptive (Private) States
  2. Communicating with Feeling
  3. Communication
  4. External Manifestations of Trustworthiness in the Interface
  5. Factors That Influence Interpersonal Communication: Culture, Power and Technology
  6. Imagined Interaction and Interpersonal Communication
  7. Interpersonal Communication: Lifeblood of an Organization
  8. Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication
  9. Interpersonal Communication
  10. Communication Research Trends: Interpersonal Communication
  11. Interpersonal Communication Skills Inventory
  12. Interpersonal Communication Skills
  13. Personal Development Track: Interpersonal Communication
  14. Man-to-Man: A Body Talk Between Male Friends
  15. Mindfulness and Interpersonal Communication
  16. Nonverbal Communication
  17. Professional Interpersonal Communication Standards
  18. Quality Communication In Achieving Fundraising Excellence
  19. Steps to Improve Performance: Communicate
  20. Theories and Principles of Interpersonal Communication
  21. Interpersonal Communication: A Quick Look at Theory…

Handbook on Communication Skills



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