Issues and Perspectives in Modern Contemporary Psychology


Computer application in the psychological laboratory and psychological testing; Artificial intelligence; Psychocybernetics; Study of consciousness-sleep-wake schedules; dreams, stimulus deprivation, meditation, hypnotic/drug induced states; Extrasensory perception; Intersensory perception Simulation studies.

Click on the links below for downloading E-notes:

  1. Ethical and Professional Issues with CBA – Paper I
  2. Ethical and Professional Issues with CBA – Paper II

[Click here for Reference E-book on Artificial Intelligence]

[Click here for Original Book on Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz]

Reference Study Material:

  1. Three Laws of Qualia: What Neurology Tells Us about the Biological Functions of Consciousness, Qualia and the Self
  2. Consciousness: A Preparatory and Comparative Process
  3. Consciousness and Body Image: Lessons from Phantom Limbs, Capgras Syndrome and Pain Asymbolia
  4. Consciousness and Neuroscience, by Francis Crick and Christof Koch
  5. Consciousness: Mapping The Theoretical Landscape
  6. Dreaming is Play II: Revonsuo’s Threat Simulation Theory in Ludic Context
  7. Dream Analysis and Classification: The Reality Simulation Perspective
  8. Effects of Techniques of Receptive Meditation and Relaxation on Attentional Processing
  9. Evolutionary Function of Dreams: A Test of The Threat Simulation Theory in Recurrent Dreams
  10. Mandala: Symbols of the Self
  11. Media Presence, Consciousness and Dreaming
  12. Meditation and Mental Well Being
  13. Meditation and Psychotherapy: Stress, Allostasis, and Enriched Learning
  14. Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Empirical and Conceptual Questions
  15. Psychobiology of Mindfulness
  16. Regional Brain Activation During Meditation Shows Time and Practice Effects: An Exploratory FMRI Study
  17. Studies of Advanced Stages of Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist and Vedic Traditions. I: A Comparison of General Changes
  18. The Effect of Meditation
  19. The Inception of Simulation: A Hypothesis for The Role of Dreams in Young Children
  20. The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation: A Review of Contemporary Research
  21. The Threat Simulation Theory of The Evolutionary Function of Dreaming: Evidence from Dreams of Traumatized Children
  22. The Twisted Matrix: Dream, Simulation or Hybrid?
  23. A Computational Agent Model Using Internal Simulation to Generate Emotional Dream Episodes
  24. Visual Phenomenal Consciousness: A Neurological Guided Tour
  25. What is consciousness?



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