Are rich people more likely to lie, cheat, steal? Science explains the world of Manafort and Gates.

What is about money that makes people do bad things? It seems a fair question when the news is dominated by misdeeds of the rich and powerful. Read more:


Katie Ledecky Crosses Into the World of Pro Sports. It Feels Like Home.

Katie Ledecky was not angling to become the face of American swimming when she joined the Palisades Porpoises as a 6-year-old. Her grand goal was to make it to the other side of the 25-yard pool without having to stop and rest on the lane line. Read more:

Treating Teen Depression Might Improve Mental Health Of Parents, Too

An estimated 12.8 percent of adolescents in the U.S. experience at least one episode of major depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. According to previous studies, many of those teens’ mental health is linked to depression in their parents. Read more:

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Deaths from resident-to-resident incidents in dementia offers insights to inform policy

Despite growing concerns about the projected growth in the number of people with dementia and the expected rise in resident-to-resident incidents, the phenomenon is not currently being tracked by the two largest federally mandated clinical and oversight systems in nursing homes in the U.S. Read more: