Numerons: Psychology for IAS


It’s a humble effort to make Psychology notes available to those who are taking up Civil Services Examination with this subject as one of their IAS (Mains) optional. It might be an issue of debate, whether classroom coaching is essential or not but standard reference material definitely ease out the process.

Content has been picked up primarily from Wikipedia, international journals of Psychology, research papers, made available by globally acclaimed universities, and references cited by American Psychological Association (APA).

One may find this open course-ware extensive in nature, as it was hard to decide what to leave. Thus self-paced discretion is advised. Keeping syllabus in hand will help define the limits. Recent developments and latest trend has been emphasized considering the applied nature of examination. A comprehensive collection of reference study material and scholarly articles, relating to application of Psychology, has been provided in Paper II. Correct approach would be to go selective while exploring these research papers. If falling short of time, one may screen out abstract/introduction and conclusions provided in first/second and last page of these scholarly articles.

Have tried my level best to cover as many topics possible, considering the diversity and wide nature of Psychology in application. Will keep updating individual chapters with latest developments in the field and relevant scholarly research works as found. Your feedback and suggestions will help improve the quality and standard of Numerons’ E-notes.

Thanks and best wishes!

Amit Shekhar

New Delhi

Contact No.: +91-9560344245


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